XULvolution in all its forms!

Project-agnostic overview of software based on XUL and beyond including anything with a Netscape heritage. Plus resources!

There is only Collaboration

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The Original (you might say)

Highlighted for being a core inspiration behind forking mozilla code to so very many.

The SeaMonkey 2.53 Platform (Evolved Gecko/56)

SeaMonkey Internet Application Suite by The SeaMonkey Project
Previously made popular by Netscape and Mozilla, the SeaMonkey project continues to develop and deliver high-quality updates to this concept. Containing an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client with an included web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools, SeaMonkey is sure to appeal to advanced users, web developers and corporate users.

Other Pioneers

  • GNU IceCat
  • Classilla [No longer active]
  • TenFourFox [No longer active]

Traditional XUL Applications (Grouped by "mozilla" codebase variant)

Please keep in mind that mentions of Gecko versions in describing a specific variant is for reference of where (the current incarnation) came from not where it currently is nor where it will progress to.

Unified XUL Platform (Evolved Gecko/52)

Pale Moon by Moonchild Productions
Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code a number of years ago, with carefully selected features and optimizations to improve the browser's stability and user experience, while offering full customization and a growing collection of extensions and themes to make the browser truly your own.

Epyrus by Athenian200
The idealized e-mail client and companion to Pale Moon.

NetFusion Suite by mrnhmath
Goanna-based all-in-one Internet Application Suite

Additional UXP-based Applications (and Variants)

RT's Free Soft UXP Builds by Roytam1 (and MSFN Community Contributors)
Unified XUL Platform applications modified to work on Windows XP and other legacy Microsoft Operating Systems.

Basilisk Browser by Basilisk-dev
Basilisk is a free and Open Source XUL-based web browser, featuring the well-known Firefox-style interface and operation. It is based on the Goanna layout and rendering engine (a fork of Gecko) and builds on the Unified XUL Platform (UXP), which in turn is a fork of the Mozilla code base without Servo or Rust.

IceWeasel-UXP by The Hyperbola Project
Libre-fork of Basilisk (Firefox 52).

IceDove-UXP by The Hyperbola Project
Libre-fork of Thunderbird 52.

IceApe-UXP by The Hyperbola Project
Libre-fork of SeaMonkey 2.49.

Tycho Browser Platform (Evolved Gecko/38)

Arctic Fox Web Browser by Riccardo
Arctic Fox aims to be a desktop oriented browser with phone support removed, or no longer updated in the tree.
The goal here is to implement specific security updates and bug fixes to keep this browser as up to date as possible for aging systems. Examples would be Mac OSX 10.6-10.8, PowerPC's running Linux, Windows XP, etc.

Beyond XUL

Evolution is a funny thing. Sometimes it means evolving out of the state you are currently in to something new but similar. These projects go beyond XUL by being based on Gecko/57 or newer.

Modified Current ESR (Projects and Applications that build on modified comm and mozilla esr platform code)

Waterfox by BrowserWorks Ltd
Fast and Private Web Browser based on Firefox

Betterbird by The Betterbird Project
Betterbird is a fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird, Thunderbird on steroids, if you will.

Modern MyPal Codebase (Experimental Gecko/68 for legacy Microsoft Operating Systems)

MyPal by Fedor2 (and MSFN Community Contributors)
Looking for the perfect Windows XP web browser? Mypal is a current and maintained browser for Windows XP. Turn that old PC into something useful!