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Unified XUL Platform Applications

Pale Moon by Moonchild Productions

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code a number of years ago, with carefully selected features and optimizations to improve the browser's stability and user experience, while offering full customization and a growing collection of extensions and themes to make the browser truly your own.
Basilisk by Moonchild Productions

Basilisk is a free and Open Source XUL-based web browser, featuring the well-known Firefox-style interface and operation. It is based on the Goanna layout and rendering engine (a fork of Gecko) and builds on the Unified XUL Platform (UXP), which in turn is a fork of the Mozilla code base without Servo or Rust.
Ambassador IRC Client by Ascrod aka Isengrim

Ambassador is a fork of the ChatZilla IRC client built upon the Unified XUL Platform. It features a simple, straighforward interface with a number of options for customization and extensibility. It is available as an add-on compatible with other applications built upon UXP, and as a stand-alone package that can be installed and run independently of a browser.
Borealis Navigator by Binary Outcast [Coming VERY SOON, for real!]

A very traditional (non-Firefox based) web navigator created from Mozilla Community Code.
Interlink Mail & News by Binary Outcast

A Windows/Linux MailNews client focusing on Mail (POP/IMAP), RSS Feeds, and Newsgroups.